Under Armour Storm Hoodie

Under Armour Storm1 Hoodie

As with most outdoors people in the north I wear a lot of hoodies. Because the temperature fluctuates so much in Wisconsin I tend to like clothes that are warm but also have sweat wicking. I don’t know the full technology background but I do know it usually involves polyester.

In the last few months, I have bought some Under Armour Storm1 hoodies and also some Under Armour base layers. The ongoing review can be followed here Under Armour Storm1 hoodie Camp10 extreme product review. But once the base layers are tested over this winter around January I will start a extreme review for the Under Armour Base layers including how they handled the Wisconsin cold.

My wife bought me my first Under Armour Storm1 Hoodie around Christmas of 2016. I loved the water resistance of the Under Armour Storm technology immediately and also the plush fleece on the inside. My preferred version has an extra large kangaroo pocket in front that almost reaches my chest. This means double layer over my front mid section and also more room for my big hands.

All and all I love these sweatshirts and have recently bought more, something like 7 in total. One in Mossy Oak Breakup Country Camo which seems to be a little different material and texture.

To see a full Camp10 Extreme Review on the Under Armour Storm1 Hoodie see this page.

You can also see follow my list on Amazon Outdoor Clothes List which these items will be in.

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