Extreme Product Reviews
Photo credit: theglobalpanorama via VisualHunt / CC BY-SA

Extreme Product Reviews

Not your normal product reviews

The problem with most product reviews is that they are open box type reviews. What I mean by that is they open the box inspect the product maybe use it a bit and report what they find.

Camp10 Reviews

My goal with the Camp10 review process is to include as much science as possible and include large amounts of data results from long term use. This should allow people to make informed decisions on a product simply from the data we provide. It helps that I am a programmer by trade and get excited about data.

Extreme review?

What makes Camp10 reviews extreme is that we plan on testing products in conditions they would be used in. On top of that, the product will be used for long periods of time like full hunting seasons before we do the extreme product review. Freezing cold, hot, rain-drenched and high wind environments. So exactly the type of environment you will be using the product in.

The full review process and what we plan to track is available on our extreme reviews page.

If you have a product for Camp10 to do a full Extreme Product Review on Contact Us

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