The geek in me loves data. The goal of extreme reviews is to provide product reviews like no other person or company does. Obviously, any review is opinionated, but we will collect enough data for anyone to make their own informed decisions.

Because we live in Wisconsin we have some pretty extreme conditions in most of our 4 seasons. This allows us to do rigorous testing in these conditions providing more accurate data for each review.

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Important Notice

  1. Products will not be returned after the review is completed.
  2. Camp10 is a for profit company but our profits will be used to further our missions.
  3. Camp10 will not be paid for any reviews other than receiving the products!
  4. Products will not be purposely destroyed.
  5. All tests are completed by a human not machine.
  6. All tests have a possibility for human error.
  7. everything has a breaking point. We will not blame the product but will report when and if it failed.

Extreme Reviews Science

We will be using as much science as possible for out reviews. That means using tools such as Chronograph, Arrow Lasers, Decibel Meter, Wind Speed Meter, Digital Scale, Video and Photo Cameras.

To make it as accurate as possible reviews will be conducted over a long process and period of time. Data will be collected as often as possible and at each review point.

NOTE: These tools are only as good as their own fault ranges.

The Review Process

Depending on the type of product, each product will go through a rigorous testing period. Testing in extreme conditions, cold (below freezing), hot (80 degrees Fahrenheit and above), rain and snow. Also texting over a long period of time. These criteria is why we call it extreme reviews.

Clothes will also be tested via wash/dry cycles with documented cleaners.

Some or most products will be tested for long periods, months all the way to a full year. The review for each product will be updated as new data is available. Updated review notices will be posted on our home page.

Shooting data for bows will be recorded at distances 20, 40, 60, 100, 150, and 210 yards. The tests will be recorded at these increments, New, 100 arrows, 200 arrows, 500 arrows and possible 1000 arrows. New bows will be tuned, sighted in and not adjusted again to determine wear and stretch over the test process. All bows will be shot with the same equipment. Tests will be done with a minimum of 3 arrows weights. Safest light weight calculated at 5 grains per pound, mid range, and heavy hunting. Arrows will be tuned to as close to 10% weight forward as possible. The same 3 arrow brand, weight, and types will be shot from all bows.

Editor Scoring 0 – 100

  1. Comfort
  2. Durbility
  3. Longevity
  4. Usability
  5. True to Specs
  6. Sound

0-600 possible points.

Data Collection

  1. Area weather report conditions
  2. Weather at test location
  3. Light condition at test location
  4. Distances
  5. Angles
  6. Speeds
  7. Incremental data

Equipment Tests

  • Laser hold tests
  • Shooting tests
  • Energy transfer tests
  • Long range tests
  • Speed tests
  • Centering tests
  • Wind effect tests
  • Sound tests
  • Weather effect

Clothing & Footwear Tests

  • Washing & Drying Cycles
  • Wearing, real life outdoors eg. hunting, sawing/splitting wood
  • Shrinkage (documented wash/dry cycles)
  • True to size (new/used)
  • Cold weather sit time
  • Warm weather sit time
  • Windy condition comfort
  • Air dry time

Review Product Types

We are looking for top and/or flagship products in the following fields to review. Products will not be returned after the review is completed. All sizes are US mens.

  • Bows (left-handed)
  • Optics
  • Arrows (must be rated for 350 fps at 70-80 lbs)
  • Broadheads
  • Clothes (mens XL)
  • Boots (mens 11)
  • Shoes (mens 11)
  • Camping equipment & tools
  • Extreme weather tents
  • Extreme weather sleeping bags

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If you have guns or pistols that you want to be reviewed they will be passed through a local gun dealer and will follow all local and government laws.

If you would like us to go through our extreme reviews process on your product use the contact form below to get in touch.

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