My name is Jeff Behnke, owner and operator of Camp10 Hunting Clubs. With a gun or bow in my hand since 1984 hunting Wisconsin, I would consider my self very experienced hunter. I have always processed my own meat and believe that you should respect the animal and the land it came from.

As a hunter I practice conservation every day and any way I can. Planting food plots, trees (forestry), and managing animal numbers. I’ve been planting trees since I was a young and when I was about 20 my family planted 65 acres of our land in pine. Today it is a full forest and I am at aw every time I step in those woods.

My goal with Camp10 is to educate, get people outdoors and extend that to private communities. This is where they can share what they have seen with friends and family. Camp10 is a work in progress and I hope to have community features ready for the spring of 2017.

My Mission

  1. Provide community tools
  2. Provide data weighted product reviews
  3. Conservation by creating habitat (forestry & food sources)
  4. Water fowl fly aways (ponds)
  5. Education (learning facility)
  6. Orchards (local fruit source)
  7. Ability to provide at least 1 hunt a year to a selected local disabled veteran.
  8. Acquire enough funding to accomplish this list.

I have big plans for a 100 acre extension to my property and the above mission list revolves around achieving that goal.